Welcome to I Do Care - You Are Loved

Welcome to I Do Care - You Are Loved

Hello wonderful visitors and welcome to I Do Care - You Are Loved! After many years of dreaming the same dream, which has actually morphed to something a bit larger than the original begun when I was in high school, I am jumping in with both feet and am determined to see it to fruition! It is rather a large undertaking, but I will have faith that the dream has much value and worth. Especially at this time in our history. When people are not able to travel or visit as they were so long used to. When people become isolated and alone and disconnected. When stress and uncertainty has become the norm, and there are so many people who feel distanced and troubled.

This e-commerce store will offer many creative ways to spread the word that we are loved, and that we are not alone! Another very important aspect of it is that it will partner with its sister blog to help fund a creation to bring several types of therapy to many neighborhoods and communities throughout the country. These therapies will include equine therapy, animal therapy, music and art therapy, horticultural therapy and nature therapy. This creation is still in its infancy, but over the next several months a business plan will be drawn up and the first center will be opened here in western Colorado.

This store will offer various gift products that will uplift the spirit and encourage the heart! If you have a loved one who is far away, or even close by, you will find an item here that will let them know that they are thought of daily and are loved. Items such as garden flags and car flags will help spread the word that there are many people out there who care. Who do love you!

This is a community friendly website, with ideas and respectful comments welcome! Let us know what you would like to see or share your thoughts on either the products or the ideas that this site wants to share and spread.

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